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Date of Birth: August 11, 2021

Height: 39,5 cm | Weight: 8 kg

HD: Too young | ED: Too young

CEA: +/? | PRA: Pending | DM: Pending
DMS: Pending | VWD III: Pending | MDR1: +/?

Eyes (ECVO): Clear

Full Dentiton, Scissors Bite


Bred by: Rolf Åge Mortensen & Nathalie Lauten
Owned & Loved by: Rolf Åge Mortensen & Nathalie Lauten


Ludvig is one of our keepers from the Dexter x Daisy litter. He is such a sweet boy who has a lovely outgoing personality. Ludvig is so promising, he has a lovely moderate body, a soft pretty expression that just melts your heart and is so clean in his movements. We are very excited about his future!

Candyman Fulfilled Dream

Caprice Country Girl vom Ohmtalteufel

BISS C.I.B PL CH PL.J CH Leigh-Hi's Gummi Bear


PL CH PL.J CH Three Wishes Fulfilled Dream




Laureate Musical Ride



Quail Quest of Hope vom Ohmtalteufel

AM CH Cambridge Coming Attraction
Leigh-Hi's Fancy Pants

C.I.B DK MD PL LT CH Shellove Just On-The Rocks
PL MD CH Sea Breeze Casidi


BISS AM CAN CH Laureate Macadamia ROM, ROMC
Laureate Invaluable


INT. CH PL DK LT VDH & Club CH Mozilla Firefox Casidi
Xi Xcept No Limits vom Ohmtalteufel

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