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Our names are Rolf Åge and Nathalie, and we are a small hobby breeder located in Grue, Innlandet, Norway, around 1 1/2 hour from Oslo Airport. We fell in love with the sheltie as breed and we continue to be amazed by their beauty, intelligence and loyalty. Our dogs are our beloved family members - they all are our best friends that resides in our house, lays on our couch and sleeps in our bed. They get to join us in almost all our activites, enjoy meeting new friends and loves to experience new adventures. We do everything possible to be sure they are happy and healthy.


Our goal is to breed for healthy, loving and sound dogs that are balanced in both body and mind. We strive to produce those beautiful soft expressions and sweet loving personalities that Shelties is known for. We believe a well bred dog will do well in sports and in the show ring, while also being a lovable family companion. For us, it is generally important that the dogs works very well in everyday life, they must have temperaments that we all can live with and enjoy. Our litters are well thought out for health, temperament and quality. The health of our dogs are the most important and we make sure they are tested and checked for several health clearances such as hips, elbows, eyes and some genetic tests before breeding.


The puppies are raised in the house with us, our cats and the other dogs as familiy. They get a lot of love, care and socialization which includes to get exposed to a variety of experiences in and outside the house. All pups are veterinarian checked, microchipped, dewormed, eye examined and have their first vaccines before they go to their forever homes. The puppies are available from 8 weeks of age. We love to stay in touch with our puppies and works closely with each owner/family.

We love to show our dogs and are travelling to several dogshows each year. Though are our dogs first, and foremost beloved family companions and are each receiving special one on one attention and training each day. We wish only the best for our dogs and are feeding them on raw food from SMAAK with organic supplements as vegetables, berries, fruits and oils. We believe this way are the success of healty, loving and sound dogs in both body and mind.



We hope that you enjoy your stay and please feel free to contact us at with any questions you may have.

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