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Date of Birth: April 28, 2016

Height: 36 cm | Weight: 10 kg

HD: B/B | ED: 0/0

MDR1: +/+

Eyes (ECVO): Clear

Full Dentition, Scissors Bite


Bred by: Lisa & Lloyd Graser, Blue Heaven Shelties
Owned & Loved by: Gunn-Elisabeth Lund


Lady is such a sweet girl and she has a lovely outgoing personality. She loves to play and to meet new dogs and people. Lady has a great body structure with a correctly placed front and strong rear with short hocks and she moves absolutely beautifully. We are very grateful to her breeders, thank you Lisa & Lloyd Graser of Blue Heaven Shelties for this opportunity!

AM CH Blue Heavens Spittin' Image







Blue Heavens The Gibson Girl

AM GCHB Rosmoor Protocol ROM



Blue Heavens Dare To Be Dif'Rent Am pts




MBISS GCH Blue Heavens Lethal Weapon



Blue Heavens Last Hurrah

AM CAN JCC GCH Pop Star SS Of Northern Farm Jpn ROM
BISS AM CH Rosmoor Rapture ||

BISS AM CH Blue Heavens Hi Ho Silver ROM
Blue Heavens Repeat The Heat



AM CH Macdega Notorius ROM
AM CH Blue Heavens Amazing Grace


AM CH Apple Acres Standing Ovation
BISS AM CH Blue Heavens Kaltrav Ashley ROM

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